May 26, 2018


It is still early May and I am here at the lodge by myself. Murtie flew to Texas to spend some time with her dad before our season started. While she is there, Murtie is also getting her food order into Costco and Sam’s Club for the season.

In a couple of days, Ty, our key hand, will be showing up. Our good friends and guest workers, Ron & Dale Kowalski will be here in 2 days after that. Ty & I and Ron & Dale will build the new airplane float going into the lodge. Our guest workers and our season’s crew will start coming in. By the third week of May we will have 24 people here helping us to get the lodge open for the season. Every year it seems like we will never get everything done, but we always do.

God has really blessed Murtie and I for who we call our ‘guest workers’. I am still in awe of these friends. These are contractor friends that fly up here on their own dime and help us get big projects done in a short period of time. Ron Kowalski from North Carolina, Dale Kowalski from Michigan, the Kelling brothers, Ed, Jeff, Roger, their sister Shelley and her husband Bud from San Andreas, Mike Bonham and Kenny Schroeder from Elk Grove and Auburn, CA. These guys and gals work hard, fish hard, drink hard and eat hearty. We have more fun and get more done in such a short amount of time that it is astounding.

Being here at the lodge by yourself during the day is no problem. Plenty, plenty to do. In the evenings it is either dvd’s, work on the computer or read. I just finished a very good book. Tim Tebow’s ‘Through My Eyes’. The book detail’s Tim’s drive, determination and his Christian character through his college years and into his first year in Denver with the Bronco’s. Tim’s passion for excelling and his discipline in training are astounding. In the book he details his early upbringing with his missionary parents in the Philippines, his high school years in the states being home schooled and his college years with Florida State. This young man is the real deal. He very much ‘walks his talk’. His faith in Jesus Christ as his savior, his determination to honor God in everything he did is truly a part of him. Myself, I can get side tracked and upset by the crap coming out of our president’s mouth and out of Washington DC. I can be a news junkie and, with just the slightest provocation, go on a rant about the economy and our politicians. Tim’s book put everything in perspective for me. Our time here on earth we need to be the best we can be in what we say and what we do. Focus on what is important. God, family, work and giving. My eternal reward with Jesus Christ is what I should be passionate about.

God bless, Tim