May 26, 2018

Getting the Bite on a King

Last season, in 2011, saw our best King salmon fishing in three years. During the king runs, almost everybody got their daily limit and went home with their annual limit. Die hard king salmon fishermen have awe and a passion for their quarry. The king salmon is one of the smartest fish we have in these waters. Outsmarting that king is what makes it fun. Presentation and location is the key. Presentation is your lure, i.e. color, action, scent. Location is being at the right place at the right time at the right depth. There is no mistaking a king salmon on your line. When it hits, it is going down. Then it sits there on the bottom, shaking his head. The fun is just getting started. It may be several minutes of careful playing before the king surfaces and it is not done yet. I cannot emphasize enough the 2 most important rules in fighting a king salmon is NOT to tighten your drag and to keep your tip up. An iron mouth king can throw your hook faster than you can blink an eye.

I am going to recommend a lure here that has seen a lot of success in the past 3 years in Washington, Oregon, California and now Alaska. We are not able to provide them in your tackle box with the other lures due to the cost. They run about $7 a lure. But they are a king killer. Shane, our skipper, fished them last year in our waters. He was sold. We will have them available in the tackle shop for less than you will pay at any sporting goods store. The lure is Brad’s Super Bait and Super Bait Cut Plug. These guys have managed to get the perfect action into a store bought lure. Plus it has a cavity that you can put in your favorite scent. The body is hinged. Open up the body, put in a piece of herring, squirt your scent on the foam filler, close the cavity and start fishing. The color I recommend for our waters here in Sea Otter Sound is ‘Watermelon’, ‘Mountain Doo’, and ‘Lucky Charm’. The ‘Jack Pot’ color looks good also. Tie these behind an 11” Hot Spot flasher or a 16” chrome Abe ‘N Al flasher and you have your presentation.

For more information on this lure, here is a link to their website. Just cut and paste the link.

In our neck of the woods, kings like to hang off the kelp banks. Regulars to our lodge know the areas. Kelp cove at Port Alice, west side of White Cliff, the tip of ‘No Name’, and there are others. Timing is pretty crucial. The best time we have found is early in the morning when the kings are feeding high in the water column. One of our long time guests, Herm (who is now fishing with Jesus), loved to go out before breakfast for his king. Invariably Herm and his fishing partner, Walt, would bring in their kings then come in for a 6 AM breakfast.

Keep your tip up (I mean it!) and your line tight! God bless, Tim.