Two men pose with their silver salmon catch.

Putting a Spin on Silver Fishing

Guests pose with their silver salmon and ling cod catch.

I love fishing for silvers here in Alaska. The first downward pull of the rod, the scream of the reel and the tail-walking acrobatics! Ten pounds of pure muscle, shaped like a bullet and acting like one, too. There are many days here at the lodge you and your fishing partner can bring in your 6 silvers each by noon then go out and bounce the bottom for some halibut. Then there are those days when you don’t ‘catch’ the coho, you need to ‘fish’ ‘em.

A neat little trick I discovered a few years ago and since then have read about in fishing magazines, is to put a little spin on your lure. More specifically, add a spinner to your fly or hoochie. There are 2 ways to do this. Here at the lodge, we add a Spin N Glo, preferably a red and chartreuse, to the lure. Before attaching the leader line to your flasher, thread on the bucktail fly or hoochie that you will be using. Next, thread a red bead onto your leader. This will act as a ball bearing for your Spin N Glo to spin on. Next, drop on your Spin N Glo, with the narrow end to the lure. Trim your leader to the length that you want to fish with, then tie it onto your flasher. The spinning mylar wings add flash, swirl, and vibration to your lure.

Another method, that I have not tried, is adding a Colorado or French spinning blade to the lure. This is a very simple application, almost as simple as the Spin N Glo. It is important when using a spinning blade on your line, is to add a clevis to the blade. Otherwise, the rotating blade may cut your leader line. We will go through the process with you at the lodge and provide the blades, clevis, and beads. Thread your lure, either bucktail fly or hoochie, onto your leader. Add 2 red beads, then your spinning blade with clevis attached. Next, determine your leader length and attach it to your flasher. I have decided to go with the French spinning blade as it has more cup to it and adds more action to the lure.